Elisa Diana Huerta

Program Director

Elisa PhotoElisa is a Brawley born and Tejas raised organizer, activist, artesana and scholar. After earning a bachelor’s degrees in Mexican American Studies, Cultural Anthropology, and Plan II from the University of Texas at Austin, Elisa moved to Santa Cruz, CA in order to pursue a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology with parenthetical notations in Latin American & Latino Studies and Feminist Studies. Elisa spends a lot of time thinking and writing about expressive culture, performance, women of color praxis, and indigeneity. Organizing and planning events, setting up mics, teaching, and art-making make their heart happy. As the Program Director of the Multicultural Community Center at the University of California, Berkeley, Elisa works to create dynamic and engaged spaces where students, faculty, staff, and community members can learn, heal, create and vision.


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