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The Gender Equity Resource Center offers educational opportunities through a variety of staff and student led workshops. Workshops for campus organizations and departments are free, though we ask you submit workshop requests at least two weeks in advance.  The earlier we recieve a request the more likely we will be able to accommodate your requested dates.  Workshop requests from off-campus organizations will be considered, though availability may be restricted, and will only be presented for a fee.

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We share a workshop request form with our other colleagues in the Centers for Educational Justice and Community Engagement.  When you are filling out the form, please indicate you would like a workshop from the Gender Equity Resource Center.  Please click here to request a workshop!  

Workshops by Category

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Workshop Descriptions

Beyond the Gender Binary

90 minutes
The purpose of this workshop is to provide the fundamentals needed to understand what it means to transgress beyond the gender binary and how to be an ally to those who fall outside the male/female and/or man/woman spectrum. This includes being able to adopt a gender neutral, non-cisgender, non-binary way of thinking and approaching others.

Cal Ally Program

90 Minutes 
Facilitators Request: Room with moveable chairs (preferred), 8-30 participants, at least two weeks notice, need wall space and blue tape. 
In this interactive seminar, participants will become a visible part of the Cal Ally program, which seeks to create and maintain a safer and more inclusive campus environment for all. During this workshop, participants receive knowledge, insight, and an opportunity to discuss the implications of homophobia and heterosexism. This workshop addresses heterosexual privilege, as well as the intersections of racism, sexism, and other systems of oppression. Participants receive a packet of LGBT resources, which contains information such as a list of websites, and a list of basic definitions of commonly used terminology within the LGBT community. The objective of this workshop is to equip allies with the knowledge and resources that enable them to assist LGBT or questioning persons. This workshop encourages dialogue regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

CalRAD: Rape Aggression Defense for Women*

The R.A.D. System is a 9-12 hour comprehensive, women-only course that begins with risk awareness and progresses to the basics of hands-on defense training.  Please wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes.  Bring a pen for taking notes, a towel, water and food for yourself.

Class may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment

DATES/TIMES (sign-up at

2 Saturdays, July 8 & 15, 2017 11:15 -6pm RSF Combatives Room - FULL

TuTh, July 18, 25, 27, 2017   5:30-8:30pm   Tang Center - FULL

Cal Self Defense for All - FALL 2017 (to be scheduled)

- CalRAD-Basic Physical Defense for Women (Rape Aggression Defense)

- RAD for Men (Resisting Aggression with Defense)

- LGBTQ+ Self Defense

* We welcome all who experience life through the lens of woman in body, spirit, identity - past, present, future, and fluid.

FEES $10 with UCB ID; $20 for community members.  (For UCB students only - We are able to provide a limited amount of scholarships in cases of financial need.  Please indicate [Scholarship Request] this on the Questions section)

SPACE IS LIMITED Please sign-up to hold your space (first come, first serve).  We will send a confirmation email with instructions on how to pay, what forms to bring with you, directions, etc.  You are not confirmed in the class until you pay the fee (or receive a scholarship). 

REFRESHER As you know, R.A.D. has an unlimited return and practice policy.  If you have taken the R.A.D. previously,  and would like to take this as a refresher, please sign-up below and put "Refresher - your name" in the NAME field.  Please bring your signed manual to class.


Sponsored by Gender Equity Resource Center, Recreational Sports, Residence Life and UCPD

PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT fulfill the Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Education Requirement

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Fresh Out of the Box

90 Minutes
Facilitators Request: Room with moveable chairs (preferred), 8-30 participants, at least two weeks notice, need wall space and blue tape.
This interactive workshop explores gender roles and sexism by looking at language and behavior. Using fun exercises participants engage in dialogue about sexuality and the social construction of gender. This workshop addresses male privilege, the intersection of racism, sexism, and heterosexism.

Gender, Sex & Sexism

90 minutes
Facilitators Request: Room with moveable chairs (preferred), 8-30 participants, at least two weeks notice, need wall space and blue tape.
An interactive workshop that defines sexism while addressing the differences between gender and sex.  We begin with definitions to engage people of all levels of experience.  Throughout the workshop, participants will discuss gendered language and perceptions, unconscious gender bias, intersections of different identities, and their own ideas and experiences of sexism.

Healthy Relationships

90 Minutes
Facilitators Request: Room with moveable chairs (preferred), 8-30 participants, at least two weeks notice, need wall space and blue tape.
Most college students are involved in some sort of romantic relationship at some point during their time at school. This workshop educates students about what a healthy relationship looks like, and in turn what an unhealthy relationship looks like.  In addition, discussion will also include steps a person can take to get out of an abusive relationship, how to help a friend, and how to recognize if you are hurting someone.

Sexual Harassment

90 minutes
Facilitators Request: Room with moveable chairs (preferred), 8-30 participants, at least two weeks notice, need wall space and blue tape.
The sexual harassment workshop focuses on definitions, discussion and resources to address unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other conduct of a sexual nature. The workshop has an interactive component where participants explore actual case studies and discuss in practice what constitutes inappropriate behavior.  Partipants will leave with a greater understanding of how to handle uncomfortable situations and a list of resources to turn to when situations escalate.

Spectrum of Sexual Violence

90 Minutes
Facilitators Request: Room with moveable chairs (preferred), 8-30 participants, at least two weeks notice, need wall space and blue tape.
This interactive workshop will cover the spectrum of sexual violence, including dating violence, domestic violence, sexual harassment, stalking, and sexual assault.  We can tailor the content according to the needs of your group.  Typically, we will go over definitions, resources, and ways you can help a friend who has been impacted by sexual and/or relationship violence.  

Trans 101

90 Minutes 
Interested in learning more about transgender identities and related issues? This workshop is designed as an introduction to transgender issues and allyship, but is also rich enough for those who have a basic understanding to also take their allyship to the next level! The workshop offers a great opportunity to begin a conversation about what it means to identify as transgender, and how to support transgender individuals. We'll talk about the spectrum of gender identities that fall under the transgender umbrella and concepts such as gender, gender identity, and sex. We'll also talk about the ways that transgender people experience discrimination and transphobia, as well as about tips on how to be a respectful and informed ally.

Trans: Gender Identity Inclusion

2 hours
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Trans people have gained a new level of visibility in the past few years, but it has not been paired with the widespread education necessary to move from basic awareness to actual inclusion. This workshop will cover foundational concepts and critical information about gender identity and trans-related issues, which will allow you to better integrate trans-inclusive practices into your work practices and department. This is a staff-oriented workshop.  
Why YOU need to attend and/or request this workshop:
  • Do you know how to respond if a staff member you supervise initiates a gender confirmation plan to undergo transition in the workplace?
  • Are you aware that many students and other staff members use pronouns such as “they” and “ze”? 
  • Gender identity is a protected category in state non-discrimination law and campus non-discrimination policy, are you are aware of what you need to know to be in compliance?
  • You've never been to a trans-focused workshop before - you may not know what you don't know!
Trans: A term meant to represent the breadth and depth of gender diversity of those whose current gender identity is different than the gender they were assigned at birth.