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We are looking for enthusiastic and experienced students who are committed to issues of social justice and motivated to make social change within our communities to be a part of our internship program! Below is brief information about each position, please read through the full position descriptions before applying! 

How & When To Apply

Our positions are currently filled.  Please check out Volunteering and ways to Get Connected.

Applications are due by Sunday, April 16, 2017 at 11:59pm.  
To download the full Internship Information Packet, click here.  

You may submit your application two ways:

Apply through a googleform  |  Apply through a googledoc


• Cal Self-Defense for All [Paid]

(view full Cal Self-Defense for All description here)

The Cal Self-Defense for All (CSDA) Assistant Coordinator provides administrative support to the CSDA Coordinator and Staff Director.  Under the direction of the CSDA Coordinator and Staff Director, this position is responsible for all administrative and office functions related to designing, implementing, and evaluating the Cal Self-Defense for All program funded by the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Student Service Fees (CACSSF).  Cal Self-defense for All is a program that addresses violence and harassment in our community by empowering members of our community to know about the problem, develop personal strategies, and learn about physical resistive techniques in a supportive environment.  Building on our current CalRAD Program (Rape Aggression Defense) Program that is focused on women, we would add RAD for Men and Advanced Self-Defense for Women.  Our hope is to create specific programming addressing the needs of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ+) community on campus.

• Core Collective Program Assistants [Units Available]

(view full Core Collective Program Assistants description here)

The Core Program Assistants plan and execute GenEq’s annual programming (see below for list of events).  These are the programs that we believe are the necessary foundation to support our campus communities to thrive.  While the list of events for which this group is responsible is already set, interns will use their unique skills and perspectives to determine the foci, collaborations, etc such that the “same” event will look dramatically different each year.  These events are: 1.) National Coming Out Day or LGBTQ+ History Month, 2.) Transgender Communities Week, 3.) RISE: Celebrating Women, Community Love & Leadership, and 4.) Take Back the Night.

• GenEq Course Facilitator [Units Available]

(view full GenEq Course Facilitator description here)

The GenEq Course Facilitator will co-facilitate, alongside a GenEq staff person, a semester-long course that is designed to give students a foundational understanding of GenEq’s topic areas (women, LGBTQ+ and sexual & dating violence), and related current events and activism.  In addition to facilitating the course, this intern will also help with administrative tasks to manage the course: advertising the course, tracking deadlines and filing paperwork, meeting with relevant staff and faculty, coordinating with guest speakers, assisting with the revision and enhancement of the curriculum, and recruitment and selection of future student course facilitators. 

• LGBTQ+ Wellness Intern [Paid]

(view full LGBTQ+ Wellness Intern description here)

We are seeking 2 energetic, creative and reliable undergraduate or graduate students to launch a new LGBTQ+ initiative through The Gender Equity Resource Center and The Tang Center.

What is the LGBTQ+ Wellness Internship
The Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq) partners with departments within University Health Services (Counseling & Psychological Services, Health Promotion and Social Services) to provide wellness oriented programs and workshops throughout the year to LGBTQ+ undergraduates and graduates.  “The Hook-up”, as the program is known, has brought in speakers to provide a forum for students to learn about gender affirmation from hormones to surgery options. Some other topics we have covered have been exploring relationship status orientation (e.g. polyamory), PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis), navigating consent and communication sexual health, butch & femme identities and other healing and sexual health forums. These spaces are invaluable to LGBTQ+ students as the the topics are addressed through a lens that is absent of heteronormative and cis-normative understandings of gender and sexuality and more importantly makes use of language and other competencies important for communicating within LGBTQ+ spaces.

Role of LGBTQ+ Wellness Intern
GenEq will hire up to 2 interns  who will help with (1) basic administration of the program, (2) ascertain needs and trends within LGBTQ+  wellness, (3) identify and communicate with potential speakers and facilitators, (4) provide advisory on the program, and (5) promote and market the program to students widely.

The LGBTQ+ Wellness Internship is made possible through funding provided by the Wellness Fee Referendum. 

• Marketing, Outreach & Volunteer Coordination Interns [Units Available]

(view full Marketing, Outreach & Volunteer Coordination Interns description here)

The Marketing, Outreach & Volunteer Coordination Interns will work closely with GenEq staff to increase the visibility of, and participation in, GenEq’s programs, services and resources.  Depending on the interns’ strengths, responsibilities may include:

    • designing publicity materials (e.g. posters)
    • visiting classes and student organization meetings to give informational announcements
    • coordinating volunteers
    • writing engaging event descriptions
    • assisting with social media
    • tabling at events and on Sproul
    • developing resource brochures
    • utilizing GenEq’s physical space to communicate event and educational information
    • creating innovative projects to increase the campus community’s contact with GenEq

The interns will be taking on a baseline of marketing, outreach and engagement projects that are essential to the functioning of GenEq, though creativity in the execution of these responsibilities and the proposing of supplementary projects will be expected.   

• Queer Cal Pals Coordinator [Paid]

(view full Queer Cal Pals Coordinator description here)

We are seeking 2 energetic, creative and reliable undergraduate or graduate students to launch a new LGBTQ+ initiative through The Gender Equity Resource Center and The Tang Center.  

What is Queer Cal Pals (QCP)
The Queer Cal Pals program of the Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq) was designed and piloted in spring 2014 by a group of student volunteers. The goal of the program was to connect incoming undergraduate and graduate students (Pals) with on and off campus resources and communities across the LGBTIQQAA spectra.

Role of QCP Coordinator
GenEq will hire up to 2 coordinators who will design, plan and implement the QCP Program for the 2017-2018 academic year. These coordinators will use the foundations set by the 2014 student founders to evolve and expand a program designed to assist new LGBTQ+ graduate and undergraduate students acclimate to UC Berkeley. The program is also designed to create connections across the campus LGBTQ+ student communities by engaging student volunteers/peers.

Queer Cal Pals is made possible through funding provided by the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Student Services and Fees (CACSSF).

• Wonder Women Weekly Interns [Paid, Workstudy Only]

(view full WWW Graduate Student Coordinator description here)
(view full WWW Undergraduate Student Coordinator description here)

The Wonder Women Weekly (WWW) Coordinators (Graduate & Undergraduate) advocate for and organize events supporting women’s community building, leadership and empowerment.  Under the direction of the Director of Women’s Resources, this position is responsible for all activities related to designing, implementing, and evaluating the women’s community building and healing programs funded by the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Student Service Fees (CACSSF).  Staff at the Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq) will serve as the supervisors for the program.  


We are always looking for students, staff and faculty who are willing to volunteer! Volunteering can include:

  • Special Tasks: We need help with periodic tasks, such as button-making, preparing displays, and organizational tasks.
  • Outreach Assistance: The students, faculty and staff who can benefit from GenEq's programs and services all over campus, and we need help to spread the word.  This includes help posting flyers around campus, tabling on Sproul, making announcements about GenEq to classes and groups, and more.
  • Event Day-of Support: Interns need help the day of events to make sure that everything goes smoothly, including decoration, transporting materials to the event venue, and staffing the sign-in table.
  • Event Planning Collaboration & Support: Interns will also be looking for reliable volunteers who can collaborate and/or help with the event planning process - depending on the particular event.

The best was to learn about these opportunities is to join the Facebook group "Volunteers@GenEq" or join the GenEq Volunteers listserv which both receive the same information about our volunteer opportunities.

If you have questions, please contact Marisa at or stop by GenEq at 202 Cesar Chavez. 

On-Campus & Off-Campus Internships, Jobs, and Volunteer Opportunities

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